Digital Life Initiative Seminar Series

TrackMeNot: Privacy Through Obfuscation

AdNauseam 3.0
H. Nissenbaum,
D. Howe and
M. Zer-Aviv


Obfuscation: A User's Guide for Privacy and Protest, F. Brunton and H. Nissenbaum, (MIT Press, 2015).

Values at Play in Digital Games, eds. H. Nissenbaum and M. Flanagan, (MIT Press, 2014).

Privacy, Big Data and the Public Good, eds. J. Lane, V. Stodden, S. Bender and H. Nissenbaum, (Cambridge University Press, 2014).

Modulated Cities: Networked Spaces, Reconstituted Subjects, Situated Technologies book series.

Privacy in Context: Technology, Policy, and the Integrity of Social Life, Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press, Spanish translation Privacidad Amenazada.

Academy and the Internet, Co-edited with M. Price. New York: Peter Lang Publishing Company, 2004. View Cover & Table of Contents.

Computers, Ethics, and Social Values, Co-edited with D. Johnson. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1995.

Emotion and Focus, Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1985. Available from the Center for the Study of Language and Informations.

Policy Briefs:

Public Comment for FTC's Commercial Surveillance ANPR
with Ido Sivan-Sevilla and Patrick Parham

Stewardship of Privacy or Private Capture of a Public Value - a Note

On Google's Sandbox/FLoC Proposal: Comments Submitted to UK-CMA
with Lee McGuigan

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Test of AdNauseam:

Test of AdNauseam: It Works
Lee McGuigan
Jan 6, 2021
MIT Technology Review

Annual Symposium on Applications of Contextual Integrity:

4th Annual Symposium on Applications of Contextual Integrity
September 22-23 2022

3rd Annual Symposium on Applications of Contextual Integrity
September 30-October 1 2021

Selected Articles:

Algorithmic Displacement of Social Trust
with Benjamin Laufer

Op Ed: The Seductive Diversion of 'Solving' Bias in Artificial Intelligence
with Julia Powles

Contextual Integrity Up and Down the Data Food Chain

Respecting Context to Protect Privacy: Why Meaning Matters

Big Data's End Run around Anonymity and Consent, with S. Barocas.

Engineering Privacy and Protest: A Case Study of AdNauseam, with D. Howe.

"Privacy Interests in Public Records: An Empirical Investigation"
Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, 31.1

Sustaining both Privacy and Open Justice in the Transition to Online Access to Court Records: A Multidisciplinary Inquiry, with A. Conley, A. Datta, and D. Sharma.

From Preemption to Circumvention: If Technology Regulates Why Do We Need Regulation (and Vice Versa)?

A Contextual Approach to Privacy Online

On Notice: The Trouble with Notice and Consent, with S. Barocas.

Facial Recognition Technology: A Survey of Policy and Implementation Issues, with L. Introna.

Terms of Service: A Play in One Act, presented at The Symposium on Information Intermediaries in the Information Society

Will Security Enhance Trust Online, or Supplant It?

New Research Norms for a New Medium

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